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Home Automation


With our vast experience in development, networking and systems we offer a high quality level of installation for your Smart Home system. With the components we offer you are able to control all electrical devices in your home without having to combine several systems together. No matter where you are, by using your Smartphone, you are in control of your house. Even better, you can let your home control itself, for you.


Most of our homes nowadays utilise some form of technology, security systems, lighting, audio and video systems, etc. Each one of them works independently from each other via a switch, remote control or some other similar device. Even if you are able to use your phone to control it, it works in isolation. We believe devices should communicate with each other to make sure a homeowner’s life is as relaxing and simple as possible.


Regardless of whether your home is an old or new build, We can provide you with a solution. The smart home system instructs your devices from a central location, known as the miniserver. You can then start using simple devices and sensors to control various parts of your house, allowing all of your electrical devices to work seamlessly together. For example, your motion detector can control your lighting, heating and alarm, depending on the time of day. The possibilities are endless.


Control your heating from your Android, iOS or windows phone and only heat the rooms that you are using

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Ceiling speakers, wall speakers or connect to your Sonos system. All from a single app

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Control your current lighting or create a brand new experience with RGBW LED lighting

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Burglar Alarms, Smoke Alarms, Water and CO2 leaks can all be detected using simple sensors

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What to do next

Our team of experts can answer any questions you may have and will guide you on your journey to a smarter home. We have a free project planning service, so if you want to know more or have any queries, contact us.

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Davie Valentine

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