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Application developments are being seen as the future of business’ online, acting as a direct and essential link between business’ and their consumers. Having become a key feature for most business’ to digitise services, market specific products and reinforce branding, apps have transformed business processes and end-user engagements. Apps are constantly developing due to our ever expanding mobile and technology reliance.

Whether you browse webpages, interact with friends on social media or play a game, you will most likely be utilising an app which has the benefit of being used anywhere. Here at DYSC we believe all apps must be user-friendly, provide a positive experience and include regularly updated content. 

Every digital user takes advantage of an app during every process on their smartphone/tablet, wearable device or computer. Our IT experts at DYSC are constantly focusing on ensuring they are up to date with the latest application technology to provide each of our clients the highest quality apps, that are iOS, Android and Windows compatible. 


Google has discovered that the average smartphone user have access to 35 apps with 19% of users having access to 51+ apps on their device. From the population within the research, 52% of those downloaded apps are used at least weekly. This research highlights the demand for app’s and demonstrates the value of developing an app for business.

Features to incorporate

Simplicity - Regarded as the most valuable attribution for consumers to utilise an application involves incorporating easy to use features and navigation. Front end visual aspects and internal processes within an application must entwine and maintain optimal app speed.

Memory - Users do not want applications which consume the majority of their devices memory as a consequence of highest performance or including too many features. This highlights the importance of  creating an equilibrium between performance and memory.

Personalisation - Most apps incorporate the feature to personalise the structure and content displayed, this further engages the consumer by providing a bespoke service.

Easy to update - As the future of communication between business’ and consumers, the benefit to constantly update and provide new content is essential to maintaining consumer attention.


Our experts utilise Xamarin for all our App developments ensuring your App will be iOS, Windows and Android compatible in one, saving you money and time. See why we use Xamarin here.

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