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Externally Shared


Multiple clients to a server

  • Slow
  • Low security
  • Maintenance not included
  • Low control
  • Low performance
  • Unreliable
  • Medium bandwidth & disk space
  • Cheap


From £150+\mo

Only one client to a server

  • Fast
  • High security
  • Maintenance not included
  • High control
  • High performance
  • Reliable
  • High bandwidth & disk space
  • Expensive

Exclusivity - Being exclusive to DYSC developed websites allows us to make sure that our solutions are running on the optimal platform, so that you and your users get the best experience possible.

Hosting - Web hosting is a service which enables organisations and individuals to have a website or web page accessible on the internet. Hosting involves utilising specialist computers called servers to store web page information for when a visitor's requests access to the content. Hosting providers like DYSC, provide technology and services required for the website to be viewed whilst we have our in-house specialists server engineers maintaining performance.

Essential - Many business’ see website hosting as just an additional cost with no benefits. However at DYSC IT Solutions, we know that good hosting is more than just ensuring your website is online.

By understanding that any breakdown during hosting results in your website not being found by a potential customer is essential but you must also ensure that each step in hosting is providing the best performance including load speed to image quality.

When a user wants to view your website

Why your host is important

Visitor clicks to access website in browser


Connects to your server (host)


Server finds website in stored files


Server delivers website to users browser