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5 advantages of an inbound website redesign

Many organisations see the company website as a luxury brochure more than anything else, and they lack to see it’s real potential as it is much more than basic information and a contact form. Many sites get stale and need to be amended every few years mostly having to focus on aesthetics, yet nobody truly knows how to correctly measure the return on investment (ROI) for investing in the redesign.

It is just simply not enough to wait for leads to fill out forms or make a phone call. Your website needs to demonstrate its value, maximise the ROI and nurture leads. Well designed inbound websites will do all of those things for you, and here is how. 

1) Create marketing funnels that work around the clock. 

Inbound websit es will perform as a lead generation platform for your business while fully integrating to your marketing strategy and offering value to each step the customers takes within:

  • Landing pages and calls-to-action that will convert visitors into leads for your business. 

  • A content pages to draw the attention of new customers. 

  • Smart and engaging content that will draw in the new customers. 

  • Tools and forms that will acquire the visitors' information, so you will be able to nurture leads and help close them. 

Pages should always have a specific purpose and correspond to your customers directly. 

2) Create ongoing, intelligent improvements for your website. 

Inbound marketing websites are known for being reliable and data-driven, created especially for the growth of the company and based on statistically support decisions. Your development team needs to: 

  • Makes frequent improvements in response to the data. 

  • Repeats with a new goal. 

  • Sets monthly goals based on specific, trackable metrics. 

  • Analyses the website performance and development, tracking button clicks, content conversion, organisation, and the entire marketing funnel. 

You no longer have to wait for a redesign to address any issues on your web page, attract new visitors or introduce new goals on your website, so your time now can be used for more important tasks such as providing the greatest service to your leads.  

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3) Create more leads by interacting earlier in the buyer’s cycle

Well designed website interact with the buyer throughout their entire purchasing journey. IF you add more value to the customer's progress, they will get more engaged and educated, hopefully securing your conversion.

4) Prove ROI and make the most of your design investment.

Redesigning a website takes a lot more time and consumes a lot more resources than what is thought. We know that by redesigning your site you are trying to fix all the problems, and fit all your goals into the site while making all the proper updates to make your site runs perfectly before re-launching it. However, during the whole redesigning of your site, your website is being held back (Offline), and not growing in the ways that it needs to while some of your clients may look for another site in the meantime.  

Your competitor's websites are constantly improving so why not invest in annual re-design. Websites designed to attract inbound visitors should follow statistical analysis.

5) Increase sales and easily qualify contacts. 

Using the known one-size-fits-all websites can make lead nurturing clumsy or even non-existent, even leading to problems and hurt your bottom line in the process. Meanwhile, well-designed websites will create planned maps for every single action in the buyer’s journey, always informing you of the sale cycle of your customers, while providing you insight in those losing opportunities via reliable analytics. 

A professional and well-designed website will always be fully integrated within your marketing strategy and sales channel, giving you correct and nourishing insight into your customers, and engaging with them correctly in beneficial ways for your company after they reach out your sales department. 

It is a strategy that provides constant growth within your company with the best solution that will offer the best return on your web design investment. After all your website should be working for you and your business 24/7.