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5 Ways to ensure your new CMS website is launched perfectly

If you are here, it must be because you have made the decision to invest in a brand new, content managed website, and we would like to help you. We would like to start by saying that this is a brilliant choice and one of the smartest decision you can make as the owner of a business in the digital age, all because a content managed website is of high importance if you are building a sustainable and engaging online presence with the flexibility to update content instantly.

There is always a lot of obstacles in the way before launching though, and even if you are acquiring the services of a professional web design agency (which we highly advise on it). 

A good CMS will allow delivering the perfect and most complete customer experience. A great CMS will go even further and give the users an enjoyable experience to all the teams that use it on a daily basis. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help you overcome these obstacles.

Create a strong CMS team.

Web design agencies will do the hard labour for you when it comes to developing and creating a new CMS website. 

But for this you will require to create a competent and trustworthy team, to manage the project during all the stages and go all the way with you to make this the best CMS website.

Make sure you pick your staff carefully, get to know their strengths and weaknesses to make the right decision to put together the best team. Each one of the team members will be enhancing the others abilities to have a perfectly oiled machine that never backs down.

Quality over quantity is a motto that you should always remember because in the world of new business websites you want to make sure your team is the best. To achieve that, you want to be certain that you select a cross-section of people from different departments, who can be given specific tasks and areas to work on your CMS website. 

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Make a plan, Work from it.

Make sure you pick a respectable agency, and you will never have to worry about not having a plan for your CMS website, creating stability or having a goal for your site. 

Working without a plan can cause several problems and even failure for your project, speak with your agency to design the correct strategy for you.

Work with your designated agency from the start and form a plan. It will require to include everything from how the site is developed and constructed, which is called the Web Design Brief, to how the content will be created and the technical elaborateness of the final launch.  

Coming up with a plan of this kind isn't an easy task, and we are aware of that, but it is the more crucial stage you will experience. Spend time more dedicatedly to this part of the project, and the rest of it will be less troublesome and easy to accomplish, it´ll be just like a walk in the park. 

Take advice from your agency. 

We know you are the one in charge, but remember it is always essential to take advice from different point of views to have success. If your web design agency suggests on, for example, a colour layout for your page, remember they are doing it based on their own experience.

Your web designers know exactly what they are talking about, and unless you fiercely disagree with the suggestion, we advise you to go with it, after all, they want to help you and your website to be a success. 

Putting your faith and expectations on professionals might not always feel right, but if you do you chances are your CMS website will come ahead every other on the competition. Rather than having a poorly developed project that will not show the potential of your company.  

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Keeping it simple is always better.

Always, keep it simple you will appreciate it in the long run. 

When we talk about the web, precise navigation, engaging imagery and relevant copy, we are referring to the main aspects that you should consider and the ones that should receive more priority. Don´t get to complex with the design or too complicated with your terminology, or you will scare your visitors away.

Nobody likes to get lost in a hard to understand website. Success can be as easy as having the right topics, easy to understand and straight to the point subjects and user-friendly for you but most importantly for your customers and visitors.

Simple web design will always win. Remember this when you are planning your CMS website project, and you will see the fruits of your hard labour.

Leave content creation for your team.

Content is always the most important and crucial element that should be a priority on the list for every company. It can slow down or even put a hold on your whole project. 

When asking different agencies the answer is going to be the same as different companies tend to try and do it all by themselves without professional help. 

Relying on someone else that lacks the talent or elements to provide this content which are not within the company, holding back the whole operation.

There is no worse feeling than having an exquisitely designed website just on hold, waiting to be launched and shine, but impossible to do so due to the content being pending.

Working with your agency can open up a whole world of opportunities, they have worked with this before and have an entirely new vision for your CMS website.

Providing them with the right reference material and elements for your site will make a big difference, leave the content creation for the agency team and you will see your ideas and expectations come to life. 


To wrap things up.

CMS website projects tend to be far more unwieldy when they have been poorly planned and designed. Lean on the guide we have provided you and follow the tips given, and you will be able to watch your incredibly developed brand new website rise and shine quicker and faster than what you ever thought possible.

With the help of your chosen agency and your team altogether, your CMS website will be a success. Even so, it will be the window to your business, allowing for many clients to come forth and learn about your services or the products you offer.

We sincerely hope you found this guide helpful, that you follow the tips and manage a successful website, we would like to invite you to choose us as your designed agency so we can work together again in the near future, until next time!

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