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8 Reasons Why You Should Create A Business Website

Starting or expanding a business is an extremely difficult task especially if you’ve got a small budget or unsure where to start. Any research online will give reasons why you should create a website for your business, but it is sometimes difficult to see how they can be broadly beneficial to every business. We here to help and highlight the key benefits to suit any business.
  1. Enhance credibility

Trust in a business is a huge factor for consumers before making a purchase and a website is the first place most consumers research about a product or business to gain trust. Highlighted by research showing that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases to gain insight into the business/product and whether the purchase is suitable. By having a website, shows credibility that you are a legitimate business and will provide what the consumer expects. A small requirement for a big benefit.

  1. Long-term savings

Many small businesses believe that they cannot afford a website as they see website developments as thousands however most web design agencies offer monthly instalments to assist you to spread the cost from as little as £35 a month. This can also be seen as a significant saving compared to hard copy advertisements such as newspaper ads, fliers or event costs to still reach your target market, whilst also being accessible from anywhere.

  1. Communicate with customers

Many consumers are invasive whilst seeking information and they will complete their research for your business online, so an online presence is paramount. However, an additional benefit is to respond to consumer questions through either live chat or email submissions. More interaction with your consumers will offer a better understanding of your clients and how they make purchases.

  1. Open 24/7

A huge benefit of a website is that it is your 24/7 salesman! Purchases can be made on a global scale and at any time without the requirement of an employee. Every business wants to be accessible at all times to maximise their accessibility to consumers.

  1. Possible to target a wider market

Broadening your target market can come naturally with a website whereby you discover new patterns within the industry and products/services consumers are searching. A website for any small business opens a broader opportunity to remarket your services/product in different categories quickly through PPC campaigns rather than redirecting hard copy marketing. 

  1. Showcase your portfolio and reviews

Coinciding with credibility and trust can also be showcased in the previous work you have completed and the association with large brands to enhance the chances of conversion. A small part of consumer research will also involve checking online reviews to gain impartial opinions of your business or products.

  1. Provides information

You know everything about your products and services but how can you expect consumers to know enough to buy a product. A website offers the ability for them to gain information without directly seeking or being approached by your business. Broadening your outreach to potential consumers and providing a simple solution to offer support without having to repeat the information.

  1. Improves customer service

Consumers want to receive the highest quality of service, a website opens the opportunity to create seamless solutions for purchases or gaining information. However do not just limit the service to content on a website, open the ability for consumers to communicate directly with the business through live chats, phone calls or emails.

Regardless of budget or business size, the best advice is to speak to web design experts and gain further information about how you could improve your online presence. Discover the monthly instalment options to make your expansion financially viable.