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We´ve discussed a lot about website designs and what should be the primary considerations before embarking in such a project. Because in this modern time, it is no longer optional to have an online presence. It has become the core in terms of getting your business to be known, and it will be most likely the first connection your clients will establish with your company. So it is vital to make sure that you made the right choice by choosing a professional organisation that can genuinely portray the professional image that you´ve created around your business.

Now, those are the new rules of the game, if you want to be competitive and stay fresh and avant-garde in the business you must have a professional website. Not doing so means risky business. Customers are always evaluating and making positive and negative lists of companies and products way before they actually purchase any item. Sometimes this process occurs even without them noticing. The point is that customers are always alert and if something does not look secure, chances are they will move on to the next seller.

So the risk is real, and we believe that you do not wish to lose value and place in the market, not to mention customers. In previous blogs, we've explored the benefits of writing a website design brief, and with that in mind, we´ll go a little bit more in-depth with this matter. We want to help you figure out which path should you choose to improve your website. 

Usually, when having this type of considerations, there are two options available out in the market: Template Websites and Bespoke Websites. 


Template Websites:

As one can imagine the first one is a simple, generic choice and everyone can purchase one. There are tons of pre-designed templates, logos and images for the owner to choose and people can even provide content to the developers. This is a cheap solution which is very hard to customise - actually; the only good thing is that they are extremely quick to set-up - and this affects your business´s consistency tremendously and can result in detriment for the end-user.

In addition to it, these type of websites are built using an obsolete code, and that is no good for vital processes such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which may have incompatibilities with some search engines, might also be time-consuming for the page to load and that ends in frustration for the final client.


Bespoke Websites:

This a customised website, meaning that it fulfils every single one of the owner´s demands in every single aspect. This is a type of work that can only be achieved and delivered by professionals with lots of experience. This is where the website design brief we were talking about the other day comes in handy. All of these professionals will put your requirements under the microscope and analyse it carefully in all of the development stages. This assures that your vision, identity and core values of your business will be reflected in every single inch of the bespoken website.

From design to the actual functionality, you will control and decide every single step of the way. Some designers hate to follow directions, and they feel like they are the ones in charge of the whole decision-making process, and that's why they prefer the template. But if you put the design of your bespoken website in the hands of real professionals, trust us, you´ll be a vital element of the developing team.

The developing team also cares for different options for your customers to access the site, making sure it looks appealing in both tablets and mobile devices. Also, they test the website with different browsers, making sure its optimal for every single one of them. They will show and guide every stage there is, so when in the future expansion and changes are needed, everything runs smoothly and reliably.


Of course, this bespoken website option will cost more and may take longer to develop, but you will have the certainty of being surrounded by professionals giving you access to a vast wealth of knowledge and data. Therefore the online persona of your company will do the thing that you demand, so if you look closely, more than a great solution to improve is an investment in the long run.

Trust us; custom web design is the path to the future whereas website templates are not. Plus they all look alike and not suitable for the always changing modern times. Bespoken web designers are still pushing the envelope, and this 2018 is bringing a lot of changes to the industry, from voice user interfaces and artificial intelligence to ethical design and the possible death of the homepage.

Many changes are in store for the bespoke website design, and you need to be confident that you made the right choice. Investigate and decide what type of business and online presence you wish to have.


Are you looking to enhance your online presence and build a new website for your business? Your website should be generating enquiries and encouraging potential customers to find you, thus increasing sales. You cannot rely on a generic template to give the results you want. Your business website should be bespoke. It needs to serve your business needs.

If you want to sell your brand to potential clients and offer something different to your competitors, then you need to stand out, and it all starts with your website. Investing in a website will pay off, and will undoubtedly pay off if you look to DYSC. We take pride in creating excellent & premium bespoke websites that genuinely highlights your business. It is vital since it is the first thing your customers will see, and that's what we deliver quality and responsive concepts & designs.

We customise designs to match your business and the way in which you want it to be viewed, providing a unique solution to you, a user-friendly, highly-responsive and visually stunning one. Site performance is vital if you're going to maximise conversion rates, while the website will need to be tested and optimised so it can work properly with search engines and on mobile/tablet/PC devices. We will work with you all along the way, always absorbing your input into the project, thus ensuring your company is given the boost it should have.

No more website templates, the real modern solution is bespoke business website design, which will put your company in the place where it belongs.