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How to choose the right software development company

What makes a software development company, better than the next one? Choosing one over the other is an important decision that will have repercussions on a business, learn how to select the right one for your brand.

There's a lot of reasons that make a company seek a software development company. Maybe they want to start building their online presence using new technologies as blogs and websites are one of the best ways to advertise a brand. Perhaps they´ve already some steady online presence but they want to improve it, so it leads to more revenue.. we can go on and on. 

The bottom line is that regardless of the reason that is making you look for a software development company, you care for your business and you want to see it grow as much as possible. It’s all part of that vision you have. Knowing that a change is required is the first part of the process, understand areas of improvement within your company. 

Now that you know that something needs improvement, there's no need to rush things, take your time to evaluate and wage your options before making a move. Based on your experience and see what your previous IT team was missing. 

The first time you make these considerations, you won't know what to expect from a software development company, then go back to your vision. Having a clear head on what your company needs from the online world and where you want to go, will give you an understanding of what to require from the software development company prospects. 

After the research process, looking at available options, start contacting them to see how they respond to your requirements. See below a list of things that you should consider before choosing a software development company.


This is the first thing to do when searching for a software development company, looking for experience, recommendation, reviews, reviews outside their website like social media forums, google, etc. Credentials are extremely important because they show the path a company has made and how well they respond to their client's expectations. 

Look for the ones who can blend quality with short-time response to get the job done. See their portfolio to get a first impression on how well they develop for businesses within your industry.


Is the software company really getting you?

Do you really believe that having a new software development company is the solution? Can they bring in something new to the company? The software development company you choose must understand at its fullest and immerse themselves into delivering results for your brand.

Look for a company that adapts to your dynamic and be a team and work with each other, that's the only way they have to come up with the right strategy and action plans for your business.

How solid is the company, technology wise

Make sure that after you review the software development company´s portfolio, you start inquiring about the technologies to be implemented. How cutting-edge they are and how many new things will your company be able to do online. 

Keep your vision and your requirements present at all times and make sure your preferences and opinions are being considered. 

Don´t be afraid to push the envelope here, as it's the only way to see what can be achievable in the future and to boost yourself with strong online positioning.

Clear communication channels: 

Getting a new software development company should be a clear process in all of its stages, so the communication channels must be active and clear at all times. All questions should be answered promptly to assure good teamwork and results. What tools are you going to be using to control the whole process, how well can you communicate with them and how much time you have to wait to get a response.

Some companies decide to outsource their software development needs, but sometimes language barriers can be a hassle, make sure to dig the local market before planning to go with outsourcing efforts.

The bottom line here is to have as much communication as possible to assure 100% understanding.


What if  I just get new software and use it instead of getting a software development company?

It all depends on your needs and the size of your company. If you have a reliable IT department, then you can try acquiring just a software license and start working with it. If you wish to get your company to higher levels of audience thus enhancing your overall online presence, then you should go with option number two.

The goal should be to establish a long term business relationship with the company you choose, in a way that brings benefits for both parties. By having this substantial help from a company that is more than that, you can definitely focus on your business and making it successful. 

Building trust:

It is much more than just picking a company with a clear communication channel. Both parties must have their autonomy, for instance, your new software developer must have their say on the things they think that can be helpful and you must be open-minded to hear solutions from experts. To accomplish this, there's got to be trust from both sides.

If the new software development company comes with their own way of doing things, and if you think they're right for your business, then try to have an open mind about their suggestions, remember that you´re all working for the same team.

Final Word

Just by acknowledging that your company must build a strong online strategy to position itself and reach more potential clients, you´re getting near to your vision. Try to choose a company open to building lasting business relations, where your gain is their gain and you all work as a real team.  Click here so you can determine how well can we fit your business needs.

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