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Content writing tips for better user experience

The user is the most important factor during web design and development. A user on your website is trying to complete a specific task from browsing products to accessing information. Understanding that a user on your website is engaging with your content and it's important for them to have a positive experience.

There are many methods to enhance the users experience. We will show you some basic rules to apply to your web pages content. The aim of using these basics is to convert the users into returning to your website.

Practice simplicity

Ensure the content is simple to read. This does not have to change the content as it's intended readers should understand the content. Using audience appropriate words and phrases to prevent needing extra explanations. However, this will be achieved if your considering your audience through your content writing. Do not forget how your content is displayed, ensure the content is easy to see, else users will not engage in the content.

Be concise

Do not write extra content to fulfil a word count. Make sure that each point you make, is clear and concise to the reader, so they don’t have to read between the lines.

Write descriptions with FAQs in mind

Whilst being concise, ensure that the readers are given all the information they need. As a result, this will reduce the volume of questions raised about your services or products and will enhance the user experience. The difficulty in content writing is having the foresight to identify what people may ask and cover the subject before they ask.

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Provide bespoke responses

You will always receive contact from users about information they feel is not included. However do not be stubborn in providing the correct content straight away. Lots of website users will deviate away from the question in an attempt to retain interaction. Instead deviate away from the script and provide bespoke response answers to their specific questions.

Make it easy to read

Every piece of content must be easy to read. Don't be afraid to use online sources such as Hemingway Editor to provide clear analysis. This type of free sources can be available to highlight readability and sentence structure. You want the user to feel they have access to all the information and have no difficulty in reading the content

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Address the user

Utilising the phrase 'you' instead of 'we' keeps the contents focus on the user. This will make the user relate the content to themselves rather than seeing the content as descriptions about you. Incorporating this will develop a personal touch to your content showing you are a genuine source. Whilst also developing trust through targeting the content towards them. You will also benefit from creating an approachable link between you and the user.

Everybody writes content in different ways. By using the basics, you will develop the base structure to allow your own style to flourish. Always make the user the priority.

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