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DYSC Homepage new web design


We hope you like our new design. We are using the latest design trends and technology to give our clients a better user experience.

We had a review of our website and realised something. We are always advising our clients to have their customers in mind when working out how their website is navigated, yet we had left ours to become something which wasn't as user friendly as it could be. This is when we decided to create a new look for our website focusing on our customers, what they would want to know and what we want them to know.  With a new contemporary look and easy to use website we hope you enjoy a browse.

Our new design uses bootstrap which is a platform for creating mobile friendly website content. We have added some jQuery plugins in order to produce that wow factor to our clients and keep pages engaging.

Here are some features of our new theme which you may like to include in your next web redesign project.

Bootstrap Logo


This is the most used framework for creating "mobile first" projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Bootstrap allows us to create a single set of code which can be used with desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This cuts down on development time saving us and our clients time and money. Gone are the days of creating separate sites for mobile and desktop. Responsive sites enable you to create content once and know its going to look great on any device.

jQuery Logo


jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript framework to enable developers to quickly enhance the functionality or design of a web page. jQuery has inspired thousands of developers to make plugins some of which are used in this theme. JQuery can be used to really enhance a website. You may have noticed on our site, some content pops in to view as you scroll. This was made possible with using a JQuery plugin called waypoints and a little custom coding from us. There are some really cool plugins out there to use, if you want to play around with some take a look here



Our content management system allows us to concentrate on design and content while the system automatically optimises performance. We create individual components such as Blog list views, portfolio items, testimonials, calls to action etc which we can then reuse throughout the site to help us build good looking pages in minutes. DYSC CMS differs from other systems as it gives you the ability to add any kind of element to any page. Most systems will require you to have specific page templates depending on the content you are trying to add.

If you like anything on our new site and want it to be included on yours, get in contact with us and we can do for you.

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