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Ecommerce Website Design - Northampton

Welcome to DYSC IT Solutions Northampton, we build innovatively designed ecommerce websites to suit the requirements and budgets of businesses in and around Northamptonshire

From SMEs to multi-national companies, we have an eCommerce solution to get your store online by helping you design an eCommerce website made especially for your business. There are many things to keep in mind while doing so, from the site performance to user engagement.

Showcasing your brand and informing about your products is crucial but this is not what eCommerce sites are all about. They are created to give the customer the best experience possible while having your brand recognised for doing a good job.

Designers have to be sure that their website is intuitive, engaging and easy to use for the customers since, without them, the site loses its purpose. Our eCommerce sites are built using a vast number of platforms such as  Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify or DNN. We integrate all of the most popular and innovative payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, Google Wallet and Sage Pay.

We will provide you with an e-commerce website, showcasing the products and services your business offers. With expert advice, the team we possess will create a seamless online shopping experience. Whether your potential clients visit your e-commerce website from a desktop computer, tablet or mobile.

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In the US alone eCommerce sales are estimated to be $304.1 billion for 2014, now in 2018 it has increased to over $491.5 billion.

If you ever considered what the guideline, key points and design ideas for an eCommerce website are, then you definitely are in the right place.  Here is how DYSC can help you manage your eCommerce site.

  • Consistency is what you look for to assure your eCommerce website success. Your designs must be kept coherently in line with the products you offer to have the overall feel and look of your site altogether.

  • Selling your products to different customers is the purpose of your eCommerce site, so highlighting your products and showcasing them will get the user's attention, by showing them high-quality pictures they will be able to see the quality of the product.

  • Try to always give the correct information, honesty is crucial, and it will result in your customers always coming back for more.


Unlike shopping in physical stores where customers can see and touch the products and see their value, an eCommerce site doesn't give that option, so it is critical that you described your products correctly and with detail, as the clients will picture it all in their heads and proceed with a purchase giving you the value and revenue you deserve. 

eCommerce sites today, make it very common that registration of a user is required before they can make any purchases. Nobody likes to feel forced when asked to be registered and create an account first to make any purchases.

With guest checkouts, customers won't feel pressured or scared to give away any personal information. Many experts believe this boosts the conversation rates and removes the barriers between you and your customers. Now other than allowing customers to make purchases quickly and anonymous, the eCommerce website should also make it easy for them to do a quick and secure checkout.

It is always really important to try to keep it simple. Stick to one page for checkout that is what you want to aim for. This way customers won't feel overwhelmed and will more than likely come back to repeat purchases at your eCommerce store.

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What We Offer.

We will create a user-friendly store, eye-catching and innovative eCommerce website for you meeting your business objectives. Perfect for all size of businesses small or big established brands. Our eCommerce websites are designed to help and to suit your company and your goals no matter the size or industry.

Using the best technologies and platforms for eCommerce around, understanding your business goals and expectations are our priority to provide you with the best unique and successful eCommerce website that you deserve.

With customisable features made especially for you, different plugins built in and SEO optimisation, our options for eCommerce are perfect for every type of business looking to grow into a professional, affordable eCommerce site.  

Choosing the right payment method that suits your eCommerce site can be crucial, and we will help you find it. Simple checkouts will prevent the customers abandoning their shopping carts and carry on with their purchases.

We collect an information layout required for marketing and follow-ups, offering all customers and users the best experience possible. We provide them with a secure website protecting the customer's privacy and giving them the safe feeling of knowing their details are safe. 

It does not matter if you're building a new online business or upgrading an existing one, we will help you build up and create a manageable professional company made especially for eCommerce in Northampton and beyond in the UK.

In order to generate any revenue, an eCommerce website is not all you require, Email marketing, PPC and different factors must be taken into consideration. That is where we come in. To help you simplify all of that and help you while providing you with the elements that will work for your business and help you keep your hard-earned money.

Let our wealth of knowledge and expertise help you to make your business’s online success. With the activities as efficient and straightforward as possible, to give you and your clients the real DYSC experience.

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