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Dysc launches MonitorMyWeb.com

Dysc IT Solutions are proud to announce the release of MonitorMyWeb.com. Our software provides updates and analytics on your website performance from anywhere.

- Do you know if your website is performing how you expect?
- Are you missing sales because of downtime?
- Are you performing consistently on a global scale?

If you’re unsure then you need to monitor your website's performance and have a software which compiles the information for you so you can check anywhere at anytime.

Our experts designed the software to assist website owners to track their performance so if you are experiencing problems, the sooner you know, the sooner you can fix it. The software also allows users to compare performance against competition to ensure they're ahead of the game. 

We understand that your website performance is vital to your business for example:

  • Better search result ranking - Search engines penalise website which have a slow load speed or experience downtime issues.

  • Prevent loss of sales - Never miss a sale because you did not know your website was down.

  • Global performance analysis - Check load speed and performance on a global scale using our multiple test locations.

  • Identification of malicious software - Receive error alerts of issues on your website or server which you can resolve.

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Whats included in a MonitorMyWeb subscription?

You will receive website and server monitoring features for performance analysis whilst being able to take advantage of instant SMS and email alerts so you don't have to check.

To ensure ease of use, every aspect and feature displays on an interactive dashboard for easy comparison of multiple factors whilst providing a friendly user interface. We have make our service applicable on any scale with the ability to have access for unlimited users with various administrative abilities.

Website monitoring

Website monitoring provides detailed insights into your performance through completing checks every minute for live updates. Our live updates provide the opportunity to identify that your website is performing at top speed. The subscription will produce and store the last 8 weeks of reports to identify trends for your website and your competition. 

What this means for you

  • Minimises downtime

  • Maintain a consistent peak performance

  • Track changes in performance

  • Receive error reports

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Server monitoring

The server monitoring feature analyses and provides instant alerts on; Processor and memory utilisation, disk space, network bandwidth, per process CPU and memory usage so you have detailed and concise information about every aspect of your server. We install thresholds on each resource to provide warnings that future issues may arise before they even happen. The production of this in-depth information links to our instant alert service to warn you.

What this means for you

  • Receive alerts based on individual resources

  • Have access to time sensitive reports and alerts

  • Critical resource monitoring

Try your 14 DAY FREE TRIAL to see the benefits your website can experience from MonitorMyWeb

For further information check out www.monitormyweb.com or contact our experts on enquiries@monitormyweb.com.