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Most common website mistakes

When you have a company, no matter how big or small you want it to be recognised Make sure that it is being seen on Google to get more readers and potentially generate brand awareness, sales and leads for your company.

Websites have become a crucial marketing channel to ensure a company’s success. All of your readers come to your website always looking for useful and concrete information that engages and applies different rules. It's about providing the information/product/service which they are querying into Google.

Google wants to provide the best answer to your search query. So if you fulfill this, then you'll rank higher. If the content you are providing is not offering what they are looking for, they won't be staying around for long, making it so you start losing readers which could have been potential leads. 

Even the most beautifully designed websites with the best pictures, colors and fonts won’t be successful and won’t be generating any leads if they are not incorporating SEO. 

Here is a useful list of the most common websites mistakes that are constantly causing conversion rates and search rankings to drop. 

Keyword stuffing.

Google crawls your website content and uses their algorithm to determine what queries you should appear in. Keywords featured on your articles correctly have a larger opportunity to appear for relating queries potential readers are looking for.

However, on various occasions, people seem to misunderstand the idea of keywords and how to use them properly, so they end up misusing them, in the form of keyword stuffing.

This is the act of overloading your content with repeated instances of the same keyword instead of being more concise and informative about your point which will only have a negative effect and look very intrusive to your readers. This results in a 'red flag' to Google as it seems like spam and not a suitable answer for their query.

When you are including the main keywords on your written content you are not doing a bad thing. However, you want to do it moderately. That way you are making your content more enjoyable and relating to the search query while making it easy to read without it getting obnoxious and spammy.

On top of that as a fair warning, Google does everything they can to penalise those who are trying to rank their sites by manipulating the algorithms. 

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Poor designed sitemap and internal links. 

Site architecture is the way that your website pages are linked to each other, It's about having a logical and organised flow of your website and it's information. if they are not organised properly, it could be truly confusing for all of your readers to find what they are looking for.

Search engines will find it difficult when going through your links if they are unorganised, making it difficult to find which of your pages is considered the most relevant and holds the most useful information for those looking for your services.

(Listing your sites in the main navigation in the correct order is a way to show your readers and all search engines with pages are the most important ones.)

Internal links need to offer a good user experience. Everything should be easy to find and make logical sense. It is sad to say it but there is no perfect template to create the perfect site architecture. The only way to ensure that everything is linked correctly is to dedicate enough time on your website to find those pages that make more sense when they are linked together. 

No quality content.

Google is constantly updating and changing their algorithm to rank content, but there is one thing that remains the same no matter what, and that is quality content. 

What do we mean by quality content?

High-quality content is answering search queries in a clear and quick way for everyone to understand, instead of just beating around the bush. Quality content engages and goes directly to the point.

Engaging content adds more value to the readers, it will keep them content and provide a unique explanation to an existing issue for readers to comprehend and master the information to the problem, and here are some things to keep in mind to transform average content into quality content.



When writing content you want to make sure you do not just copy and paste the content you find around on the internet. Focus on creating truly original content that is unique to the search query.


Understand what your website provides and how it can be suitable for specific search queries. Try and keep your content concise try to aim for around 500 to 1000 words per article.  If additional content is required to fully answer the search query then this is suitable, but that is as long as you don't start going overboard and stuffing it with more and more words, by doing this you will only end up making your readers bored and increase your bounce rate.


To find out what is relevant to the readers, Google is always on the search for the most relevant content in order to match the search query. This is Google's overall aim ‘’Our mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.’’

When offering multiple services through your site, make sure they are not too different from each other. If that is the case we recommend to have different sites for each service and always provide in-depth content that directly focuses on the service provided. 

Old content. 

It is often a common mistake to think that once your company’s got a solid foundation and plenty of articles on your site, that you are not required to create more, that is a huge mistake. You want to be constantly updating and creating new articles, this will keep ranking your website on search engines and will show your customers that your company is active and committed to always providing the best service.

Try to include a blog on your site to create additional short content, post fun and helpful information that is relevant to your readers. 

When you include new content on a weekly or daily basis, you are giving your readers an excuse to keep coming back. You will receive more visits frequently and encourage your readers to share your website with their friends and get more potential readers which, of course, ends up being very beneficial for you.

Expecting overnight results.  

Search engine optimisation is constantly changing, especially with Google regularly updating their algorithm and with new competitors in your industry showing up it can always be difficult to keep up.

We are aware that SEO is challenging work and it will always require a lot of your time, however, if you invest the time and be patient before you know it, you will start seeing the results of your hard work.

By keeping these common mistakes in mind and avoiding them, you can improve your site and give your rankings the boost that you have always been looking for. 

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