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Optimising your landing pages

The first thing you must know about optimising landing pages is that it is not something that can change and give positive results overnight. Also optimising a landing page is a vital stage of any website design process, but it mustn't stop there, it needs to keep revitalising with relevant and updated data.

An optimisation is crucial for all aspects of website design, not just landing pages. You may have a website get a fair amount of visits, and conversion rates are improving but your landing pages are not delivering the way they should. Does it seem like everything is ok in terms of generating interest but the transition to actually turning a web visit into a real deal appears to be a real struggle?

You can have a fair amount of visitors and still lack good conversion rates or leads. Either way, you need a good strategy that turns those potential visitors into leads, and landing pages are a good way to start that strategy. That's their purpose, to convert visitors into potential leads by making them do something: could be a sign up for a newsletter, a click or an actual purchase.

Each one of those factors can be achieved with the proper use of landing pages; optimisation is the key to make visitors go to where you want them.

Always give something in return:

If you´re here to secure conversions and generate profit in the long run, the best tip we can use to start this blog is for you give your web visitors something that has some sort of value to them. This is a strategy that is bound to turn visitors into leads by providing them valuable content in exchange for an action, like signing up to the website. If you´re selling products instead of services, gift cards or discounts on goods are highly advisable, some that give them the push they need to complete a transaction. Providing value to people for their interest in you should be something that you never rule out.

A/B Tests like there's no tomorrow

A/B Testing is when you have two versions of a website or a webpage, and you try them out in the internet and determine to which one user respond better, and by respond we mean: conversion rates. You need to test everything from images to calls to action and from testimonials and FAQs to videos. If you A/B test profusely you can have an absolute indication of the path that your potential customers should follow, thus leading to an efficient conversion.

Everything must be tested, that's the best way to access first hand the knowledge of what people want to see online when they're looking to purchase something. Now that we´re discussing testing, then the next pointer is also another way of testing.

Loading times are crucial:

Loading times can have a tremendous negative impact on a business, so think about how harmful slow-loading landing page can be to any organisation looking to optimise their online presence. The bottom line here is that it really matters and it never should be ruled out.

The thing is that the logic on Google's search engine algorithm goes like this: if a site loads fast, then it means that their owners do care for the website; therefore, they care for their customers, hence is relevant and highly ranked. We´re talking about seconds here. More than three and you´re done, your visitor and potential customer is now clicking on your competitor's website.

When it comes to Landing Pages, pay extra focus on how your landing page loads, and do all necessary amendments without losing content quality.


The idea with landing pages is to keep them simple. We would like to put it all in there and engage visitors right away, but sadly, that is not how it works. We must build a strategy, follow it and continuously searching for newer ways to keep content fresh and engaging. Think of landing pages as the gateway to CTA (Calls To Action), and you need to keep it simple and clear. You only have a couple of seconds from the moment they click on your site, so try to make it as memorable and captivating as possible. If in need you can always turn your attention to the right guidance to find new, unexplored ways to achieve greatness in optimising Landing Pages.

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