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Magento ecommerce website on laptop, tablet and mobile

Using Magento For Your Ecommerce Store

Magento is a good fit for businesses which have an large product range

Now first of all, what is E-commerce? 

An eCommerce website allows consumers to offer goods and services online. The development of eCommerce websites has dramatically increased in popularity and due to the sought-after benefits of no time and distance restraints to potential customers. It is also predicted that the expansion of eCommerce websites (Currently approximately 800,000 in the world) is to expected to continue, or even accelerate. Highlighted by ¼ of the fast track top 20 companies in the UK being an eCommerce based business. Wide speculation believes the boundaries between ‘conventional’ and ‘electronic’ commerce will become entwined as more companies look to transfer specific operations online. 

Magento is an open source content management system (CMS) that is targeted to create eCommerce websites with the facility to expand the businesses operations. The platform claims to be the best scalable eCommerce platform available following its ability to feature websites offer 10-10,000 different products.

The platform has become an extremely popular and multi-level eCommerce platform used for creating interactive and unique websites. Unfortunately, Magento does require professional development. However it is a very professional solution and offers unmatchable control of this one, giving you exceptional control and adaptability for your online stores and administrators, it’s in no doubt a favourite. its sustainable and persistent ECommerce platform, used for evolving and great interactional ECommerce websites.

Magento counts with a great protection system which is within SEO prepared, at the moment two versions; Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. The community one is free of charge and more targeted to small businesses. Magento Enterprise is the paid version, aimed at medium to large companies. The total rendition is of course very formidable, with invigorating features and extensions, coupled with a massive society that allows you to get assistance from anywhere and whenever you need it.   

Magento perceptive administration functionality lets you switch your site to your ideal business needs. Fully ascendable and protected by a broad support network, Magento is one of the supreme ECommerce answers for you.

The E-commerce was completely changed once Magento was released.

After a short period of being released Magento had accomplished what no other platform had before, surpassing over a million of downloads from companies all across the globe, while collecting massive amounts of pounds in transactions, but it didn't stop there, it then kept on growing massively after being purchased by eBay making it one if not the fastest platforms to grow on the E-commerce business.

Let’s explore some of the facts regarding Magento. 

- Magento has been chosen by over 25% of the online business companies.

- It counts with over 20 Billion pounds worth of transactions each year.

- Globally featuring over 300 different solutions and industry partners.

Through very complex statistics over 800,000 websites use Magento. Not only that but over 1000 sites are created monthly, and yes you’ve guessed right, they use Magento.


- It gives very easy managing and control of your own store.

- Possesses a vast customization to meet your unique needs.

- Professional edition features.

- It will scale along with your business so they both grow and continue helping you.

- it counts with many extensions for all your needs and the ones of your online store.

In this post, I will provide you with an in-depth look at Magento’s feature sets:

Before jumping on the Magento train, there are a few pros and cons you should keep in mind:

I will be showing you the cons first:

It can be exhausting and demand much of your time – Magento’s structure is very flexible, but that can also make it a little complicated. It requires a vast amount of time to get the similar customizations that are desired if we were to compare it to other programs. Also, creators of Magento have said that it has a more difficult learning technique than other programs for your business.

It can be a little expensive – the version for the community use is free of charge, but inexperienced buyers are in need of more support than average. The Premium side now can start at £40k/year, so only big and experienced E-shops that have been around enough can manage the prices of Magento's supportive services. Also, you must consider that Magento creators tend to charge more than your normal coder guy.

Very element hungry – Because of its vast magnitude, Magento is more than often hosted on servers that are dedicated. Magento is a very robust tool and incredibly scalable, but this is also why it is bulky and resource hungry. rigorous data stimulation for top rendition, humongous server needs, rather higher than the normal effective costs make Magento a less than function software for a small E-Commerce business.

But wait there is also pros for this useful tool.

Very cosy – the dashboard for the administration can be simply the most friendly and cosy I have found while working on my E-Commerce business. It offers a great and helpful interface and a very extraordinary functional and tidy business management aspects.

Amazing reliability and adaptability – Magento adapts in extraordinary ways so if your online store sales augment double or more from one day to the next one, Magento can and will cover it. In regards to flexibility, Magento’s architecture allows for virtually no limit customizations for your business.

So Many Features – the community version gives many useful features missing from most other solutions. You can manage multiple stores, you have different currencies and many languages support to choose from, and it is incredibly mobile and SEO friendly.

To sum things up! Magento is simply one of the most versatile in terms of scalability and flexibility for your online business making it a genuine customized experience for your Ecommerce, whilst its complexity and use can be a bit overwhelming for some, for others this might just be the perfect tool they are looking for!

Our Magento specialist at DYSC IT Solutions is ready to get your store up and running online.

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