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What is a server?

How important is your website visitors experience? Are you worried or concerned about website security? Do you consider where and who hosts your website?

There are three main variations in website hosting available our website owners - Shared, Dedicated or DYSC Hosting. 

Firstly, shared is when a website is hosting on a third parties server that charges hosting and revolves around multiple websites being hosting on each server. Unfortunately, you will not have the option to choose or find out who else your website is sharing a server. This can result in negative performance if the other websites demand all the servers resources because of demand or their processes. However, as expected, shared is always the cheapest hosting option with prices starting from as little as £3.00 to £8.00 per a month. The use of a shared website does reap benefits because it's a great starting location for many new businesses that want to watch it's cost and does not have a large volume of traffic. 

Secondly, dedicated hosting relies on purchasing a server which can be done online, so the server is anywhere in the world but only you have access and the ability to amend its settings to suit you. Nevertheless, these servers demand a huge volume of attention meaning that most companies employ an individual to monitor the server to ensure website performance. This is perfect for larger business with the resources but also businesses which require a larger amount of server resources to keep up with their website demands. As previously highlighted, this type of hosting has the ability to be expensive with monthly costs starting from £150.00 for the most basic online server. 

Lastly, is DYSC hosting, we offer our hosting option exclusively to DYSC clients. We combine a shared and dedicated approach to our hosting so you can experience the best performance at lower prices. We achieve this by having our own dedicated in-house server which we monitor and manage to ensure that every website is running perfectly, however, we offer our clients the ability to add their website to the server at extremely low costs. This means that you experience all the benefits of a dedicated server without the costs whereby packages start from £10.00 a month. One key reason why we are so confident in the service we offer is that it's only available to our website design clients, meaning that we are able to ensure your website is optimised and organised to perform seamlessly on our server and online for your website visitors. 

Now the technical bit, so what is a server?

A server allows individuals to make their presence known, by having their very own website accessible on the internet.

Hosting is a crucial component for any new website. Each website will need to be published to any hosting server of your choice depending on what you want from your server. From there, you can experience visitors and upload information that attracts them to becoming your valuable and loyal visitors.

  1. SHARED - This server is a hub, where other websites are hosted. You could be sharing a server with any other website which may demand the servers entire resources such as RAM and Disk Space and direct effect your websites performance. A shared server includes websites hosted with WordPress Hosting and Web Builders to name just a few. Alternatively, imagine your office is placed in a building full of other offices and all of you are sharing the facilities of the landlord. Some may demand and use the facilities more than others and have a negative effect.

  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) - Unlike shared, this type of server is usually a more powerful option and will give you more control over your content and whatever programs you need to function. It does allow you more flexibility than the shared server can allow. But you must appreciate it is usually Cloud-based, and your security runs the risk of being impacted because of it.

  3. DEDICATED - This type of server is the opposite of a shared server. You will be the ONLY client. Now you will not be sharing anything with anyone else. Thus, giving you total control over all your processes, your security is at the highest levels, your customer databases are well protected, speed and reliability become the norm for you. However, this will require the employment of an expert to monitor the server if it's in-house.


What are the benefits of choosing DYSC Hosting?

  • It is our dedicated in-house server with the capabilities to handle all websites who receive high volumes of visitor traffic by using wide bandwidths to service thousands of visitors per every 24 hours But we offer it exclusively to our clients in a shared format.

  • We ensure you have unaffected & efficient resources dedicated to you.

  • Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server but with DYSC your cost is dramatically reduced. This type of hosting is exclusive for all our customers.

If DYSC’s hosting solution sounds like the perfect fit for you, your company, your visitors and your website, contact DYSC to develop and host your website.