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Why use a WordPress Website?

Wordpress is an open source website design and creating tool written in PHP. However, in more general terms, it is the most accessible and used website content and blogging management system to date.

What is PHP

Founded in 2003, WordPress is now the most substantial self-hosted blogging and website design tool, used on millions of websites worldwide. WordPress is perfect for website development including creating news outlets (The New York Time's blogs, and CNN's on-air), music sites, millions of favourite blogs, Fortune 500 companies and even celebrities use WordPress for blogging purposes. Highlighting the broad uses that WordPress websites can offer and also their flexible approach. WordPress is extremely simple and even been compared to using Microsoft Word, sending an email or even set up a Facebook account, that's how easy it is. So even once you’ve had a custom WordPress website designed, we’re confident you’ll understand the WordPress basics of what is possible if you require future development from a professional developer.

Here are some benefits of using WordPress

1. One of the most fantastic things about WordPress is that extremely flexible and simple to use post-development. Furthermore, the platform offers the ability to upgrade your website with premium themes and plugins, which can save you financially compared to other website development platforms when using custom website designers. At the core of every business is providing their visitors with the best first impression. Everybody likes to be greeted by a professional website, with on-point functionality and user-friendly features. This professional design will be the first point of contact for consumers with your companies branding and service.

2. The inclusion of customisable plugins is the feature that WordPress users love, these plugins allow you to increase the flexibility of a website and allows customisation by your website designer. We recommend investigating some of the Plugins available and also to look at how everyone else utilises them. Utilising these plugins can make for a smoother experience and their easy installation helping you as well as your customers.  If you're interested in SEO advantages, WordPress is a fantastic tool for you, as search engines really like sites that are easy to index and frequently update content, and guess what? WordPress is one of them.

3. Search engines love to get their hands on new relevant content, that's where blogging comes in so handy and where WordPress expanded following its popularity as a simple blog generator. We strongly believe that just by communicating with your readers in a way that is comfortable and like a second nature to you, supplemented with SEO plan. However, remember everything you put onto your website has to be high quality content.


4. When it comes to SEO for themes, your choice can have a considerable impact. Every custom DYSC WordPress website will include search engine readability of content, site speed optimisation, indexable content and support of other SEO-Specific features. While these features are essential, you also need to make sure your WordPress site is using permalink structures for ULS’s and target specific keywords relevant for your webpage. Luckily there’s our article on SEO that has more information than this article can dedicate. 

5. Every business, from small to a multi-national company, needs a good website to provide them with a strong online presence. To succeed these days, you have to be online, and you will want to maximise your opportunities ensuring your website meets your visitor's expectations.

6. A website should not leave your customers or visitors feeling neglected or frustrated because the page takes longer to load or they cannot figure out how to use it or is just unresponsive on their mobile devices.

7. WordPress websites are made to be adaptable, scalable and very easy to manage for owners and visitors to giving service you/they require and deserve. Even more, reason to give them the custom WordPress website they come to expect through professional website designers.  WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world and for a good reason. Boasting the most extensive support community of developers and engineers, who focus on giving you a rock-solid platform and a wide option of bespoke developers to request support for your website. Responsive design is the primary concern for most WordPress users, with other features falling behind, finding a great theme can be as simple as asking the right questions to your website designer.

As highlighted throughout this article, WordPress offers many benefits that can be included in your custom website development. Even though you may be drawn to undertaking this type of WordPress development yourself, always consider the quality of design you want to provide your visitors. DYSC strongly believe the importance of first impressions as you only get one chance.