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Why use WooCommerce for your online store?

The process of getting an adequate online presence can be difficult so it is important to start from the basics: let's say you have an idea of starting a business where you can sell your products, and you want to do this online? Or maybe you want to step into the online market with your already established business? Well, in that case, you should place your attention on something called WooCommerce.

In layman's terms, WooCommerce is "simply" another plugin from WordPress, but you would have to do an extremely in-depth search to find a plugin that provides such high potential standards. Now, WooCommerce has been around for the last seven years, with more than 1.6 million downloads in all five continents, meaning that they rule a significant amount of the E-commerce industry. With that in mind, at DYSC we want you to get to know this handy and reliable plugin, and why use it.

WooCommerce offers tons of features and a user-friendly interface is what best defines this plugin, and that is a significant aid for those businesses that are brand new in the market, so they don't get overwhelmed by the whole online business experience.


Firstly, it gets along with everyone on the internet, that is because the guys at WordPress consistently supports millions of web pages. So chances are you already have experienced the benefits of both WordPress and WooCommerce. Even better, if you previously have interacted with WordPress, you shall have no issues while navigating across it. You´ll be avoiding an unnecessary headache and also saving time & money starting up your eCommerce store.

Secondly, you may not have heard of WooCommerce but it certainly has lots of benefits and supported by the right knowledge. It can become an extremely professional tool for your company. The benefits include: customers can track their orders, make use of end-user engagement features like alternative shipping options and also see previous orders. You can rest assured that you and your customers will be more than satisfied with the level of professionalism this solution gives to your business.

Worried about safety? The platform offers extensive security benefits with ongoing updates so it will always be compatible with recent WordPress versions, and there's a substantially low amount of bug fixes to deal with. It is no secret that the guys at Automattic (owners of WooCommerce) always get surrounded by top-notch web security experts, so all vulnerabilities can regularly be restrained. Therefore bug fixes and updates are like a walk in the park, that's how easy it can get.

Flexibility? Anyone? Tons and tons of flexibility are what Woocommerce delivers every time. We have made a short list of benefits that this flexibility brings. You wouldn't believe how many features this plugin has. You can organise and categorise your items with sale prices anytime you want. eCommerce stores that use WooCommerce can sell physically and virtually their products and there's a wide variety of payment methods, which your customers will surely appreciate.


Fancy customisation? Featuring 39 themes to choose from, you can be confident that the looks of your website will be an accurate reflection of its uniqueness. Everybody loves themes and customisation, and this particular WooCommerce feature is an absolute fascination for both owners and customers. Many customisation options, such as changing pre-set CSS, colour changes and many more. You´ll have a great experience trying them out and finding the one that suits your business the best.

Don´t fear the analytics - We have this fantastic Woocommerce feature which becomes really handy for those eCommerce owners that don't know or are not quite sure on how to apply an analytics system to their business. So with WooCommerce we can unveil and clear all darkness that surrounds statistics for any business.  They have a built-in system that can perform a vast variety of statistics for you. Numbers originating from sales by date, average order totals, total sales, statistics for the individual customer and a whole lot more features can be used through WooCommerce. You don't even have to exit the admin panel. Undoubtedly it is as easy as it can get.

Finally - Business growth. This fantastic plugin from WordPress comes with a vast array of ways of expanding that successful eCommerce business of yours. You can edit and modify the templates, and you´re not going to believe what an extensive library comes with it, providing a substantial aid for all E-Merchants out there. In addition, you can find API's to build extensions that will give the support you and your business requirements promptly.

If you care for your business, you will want it to shine flawlessly in a very competitive market, right? Well, WooCommerce is the right way to accomplish that. You can be certain that all your business goals will be achieved, so if you combine the reliability and the significant benefits of WooCommerce alongside the expertise of the professionals at DYSC, you will be constructing a powerful connection that will boost your online presence the way it should be. Let the experienced hand of DYSC guide you through WooCommerce. You will not regret it, and your customers will value it accordingly.