Paid online advertisement campaign management

PPC is a form of paid online advertisement associated with search engines that means for specified keywords/queries your website can appear in prime locations. Whenever you enter a query into a search engine, at the top and bottom of any page is associated 'ads' that only when clicked to visit the website, will the advertiser be charged a fee. This guaranteed traffic for your money is a key method for instant website exposure and opportunity for success.

The key to PPC is in the management of ad campaigns, alongside sufficient planning to ensure you're appearing infront of the target audience you wish to enhance your chances of online success.


PPC campaign management is a tool that's can quickly become too expensive, too difficult to manage and not receiving the conversions expected, however, it can also become a digital marketing strategy which offers constant website traffic, quickly placed in high result positions and shown to your exact target market.

Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to manage PPC accounts to overcome all the negative associations by managing spend, ensuring high organisation and developing target landing pages to increase the chances of converting visitors.

Account Management Service

We offer a full account management service whether it's working with an existing account or working alongside you to create a brand new campaign to successfully achieve your conversions.

Included in our services is a dedicated account manager who will take you through the entire process to organise your campaign into a clear structure for continual review and maintenance, identification of keywords (this does take into account your budget and target audience) alongside creating a suitable website landing page designs so you can be confident that your strategically planned website visitors take the right actions on your website.

What does our PPC account management service include?

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Dedicated Account Manager

You'll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be your contact throughout the entire process from planning and set up to sending you your monthly reports.

Dedicated Account Manager

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Continuous Support

Throughout your service, you can be confident that your campaign will be reviewed on performance and we will also offer our expert advice so you can understand the reasons behind our recommendations.

Continuous Support


Monthly performance reports

Receive monthly reports which will highlight every key element of your campaign so at a glance you can understand what elements are being successful and the data behind the performance.

Monthly performance reports


Professional Designed Landing Pages

Paying for website visitors can only be beneficial if your website is able to convert them, however, our website designers will provide valuable insights into successful landing pages.

Professional Designed Landing Pages

Why choose DYSC?

Data driven decisions
Everything justified

We don't believe in taking chances and guesses, we will use data and statistics to produce our recommendations and alterations so your confident that every decision is backed up by the facts.

Once a campaign is active, then continually crunching the numbers provides insights into the current performance but also highlights what needs to be changed to continually enhance the performance - These statistical insights give you the ability to understand more about your target audiences behaviour and how to move forward.

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Personal Touch
Support and Reliability

Many services rely on software to continually update you on performance and offer online answers to your questions, however, at DYSC, we believe that it misses the value of a personal touch, therefore, we provide multiple methods to speak directly with our team so you know exactly that there's always a person available to help with your questions.

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