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Does Blogging Help SEO?

Absolutely yes! Blogging does help SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Blogging is what puts a website in a visible spot for web users around the world. It’s the tool that can turn potential customers into actual clients.

SEO receives a major boost from blogging and it’s very interesting to know how something in your website that isn’t sales-related can play such an important role in your website’s profitability.

There are many benefits from blogging utilised as an SEO tool, but it’s very important for people to understand and learn how to properly optimise their blogs so they can truly help your SEO efforts and your company’s revenue.

It’s important to understand how SEO works in order to understand the benefits that blogging provides. In a nutshell, SEO is about using the available tools to assure that when people search the internet looking for a service, product or information that relates to your industry, the first option they see is your company’s website.

This means that the person who is doing the SEO must know - or have a pretty good idea of - the keywords that are relevant to users. The words that are much more likely to be used when people start looking for the products or services that your company offers.

After having a complete list of all possible keywords and phrases, you must optimise your website in favour of those targeted keywords so they can start driving organic traffic towards your website. This is not plain web traffic, this is traffic made of web visitors who already want what your website offers.

This is when blogging appears, and its job is to make sure that visitors see how your product or service is the best option the market can possibly offer.

Important Benefits Of Blogging For SEO

  • Blogging for SEO Boosts Your Site’s Online Presence

If you have a website that is constantly posting blogs it means that the site is adding pages to it. By doing that your site is increasing its chances of becoming more relevant to web search engines. 

By having many blogs posted, the chances of ranking higher increase. Why? Well because more blogs mean that your site is ranking for more industry-related words. 

This makes your site become more relevant and useful to the eyes of the web search engine which means that your site will be more visible in Google queries. Ergo, your website’s traffic gets increased and more traffic means more conversions.

Another benefit that SEO blogging offer is the ability to target other types of keywords, like long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are becoming more popular due to the increase of voice queries. A good amount of blogging increases the chances of creating content to address those long tail searches.

Keep in mind that, to the eyes of Google quality matters the most. So it’s not just about posting an endless amount of blogs with no meaning at all, they must be SEO-oriented, industry-related and tailored to the possible inquiries that your customer or visitors may have.

  • SEO Blogging Can Help You establish Your Company As A Field Expert And Industry Leader

Regardless of the industry, customers always look for the best quality in the item they buy. SEO Blogging gives websites the chance to show their potential customers how your company is an authority in the field. Show them that your knowledge in the industry is so big that it makes your company an expert in delivering what customers are looking for.

To do this, you must be constantly updated and informed about all the industry-related changes so you can create informational content that both users and web search engines find relevant. The more you relate to all your client prospects the more chances to turn them into buying your products and services.

An important aspect that is worth mentioning here are some Inbound Links (when people or other websites link to your site). If you are capable of creating authoritative blog content you’ll increase the chances of gaining inbound links to your site, not to mention organic rankings.

Social Media is a great way to build trustworthiness, so each time a person shares or likes your content, Google will consider your site as reliable and relevant. This is great to gradually build authority around your website.

  • SEO Blogging Gives Websites Leverage With Google

All of the recent Google’s search algorithm updates aim to enhance User Experience (UX), this means that if you are constantly updating your webpage’s content, Google will see your website as active and - more importantly - relevant, and you can trust that your site will rank a lot higher in search results.

The amount of time that a user spends on a website is also a big ranking factor here. By producing long - yet relevant - content, your website visitors will linger on your website for above-average time, this also boosts your organic rankings.

The whole SEO blogging process takes time and hard work and sometimes it may be difficult for business owners to keep up with SEO duties while keeping the business growing. 

Meet our team of experts who can take over your SEO and blogging needs and give your company’s online presence the proper boost it needs.