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How can Email Marketing be Effective

Email Marketing is not new, in fact, it's the one most used marketing strategies ever, because it's a rather easy way to get to many people that may or may not have an interest in your products or services. In reality is not that easy, because usually the method consists of bombarding hundreds of people with emails which besides from being frowned upon is somewhat annoying and you don't want that.

So the problem relies on how is email marketing implemented, because if used properly it can be a great enhancer of any online presence, thus generating solid leads. There are many ways to use email marketing as a successful business tool, you need to know if this email approach fits your products and services so you can take advantage of it.

Learn to conduct an email marketing campaign without falling into common mistakes that have given this strategy a bad reputation by following these steps that will get you closer to those leads your website is anticipating.

Be patient

Good things ‘don't come easily’ is an old saying that works pretty well here, but getting started is the first step. You need to visualise this email marketing effort like the one that will help your online presence to grow. Remember that this is where others failed, just by sending a zillion emails with no clear objective, so this is where you must act different and be patient if by any chance your first efforts do not generate results right away.

Now, the whole point here is to know that every business is different and your audience may respond differently if compared to any other. Try to take as much reliable data from this first email marketing efforts as possible. That's the only way to know for sure how your target audience behaves and how to starts shaping your strategy.

The initial emails you send will be the ones telling you how to start the next ones, how to make them more appealing and eye-catching. Don´t assume that it isn’t working because you have a rough start with the first email you send, remember it takes time to shape an email marketing strategy before leads start to appear.

Be Clear

You´re aiming to get leads here, not sales. Those come afterwards. That's another common mistake from those who failed at their email marketing efforts. Trying to sell something through an email is highly unlikely to work and then all your possible leads may get that annoying feeling when thinking about your brands and you want to avoid that at all cost.

You want to interact with your email readers, engage them not just make them subscribe. So instead of targeting a sale, try to make them click on your website, so they get a much better view of what you have to offer. That call to action is way more efficient that just asking them to subscribe to an X amount of money.

Be Friendly

The idea here is to give more meaning to your emails, so they evolve to a much more efficient tool. People tend to see email marketing as a way to advertise and sell products right away, and that's where email marketing fails big time. Modern times have changed the conception of things, so we must see email marketing as so much more than flyers to advertise our products.

You need to build a dialog, a communication bridge with people through your emails, think about it as a way to transmit the chattiness of social media into your email marketing campaign. If you keep it social, people will respond more favorably.

Put aside the mindset of looking at email marketing as a plain advertisement only and add to them your social touch, so people can engage with the brand more efficiently than with the usual way. Otherwise, this will surely lead all your email marketing efforts directly to the spam folder.

Be Specific

Beating around the bush is not recommended here nor is it recommended in any life's circumstance. People don't like it when you're not clear about your intentions, so why should they respond differently about an email that is not clear about its purpose. The email's subject is also important here as it should be very specific about what people can expect once they open the email. Specificity is a must in both the subject and body of the message, not just about who you are and what your brand does.

You need to have a clear view of what you´re offering and what you expect from people. Think about that before you start writing your marketing email content, keeping in mind that the aim of this email marketing campaign is to enhance your online presence. Do this by showing the human side of your company, not selling anything. That comes afterward.

Be a wise go-getter

As mentioned before, you can read a hundred articles about how and when to send marketing emails and during which specific weather conditions they should be sent to assure a boost on company's sales but that is not how it works. 

Remember that each case is unique and no one has the final word on how people will specifically react to something unless you actually try it and see for yourself. You need to have a good knowledge of your target audience so you know what to send to that specific group of people. Don´t assume, people don’t react the same way, especially in the online world.

Sometimes in these cases, it is advisable to have a guiding hand that takes all of your data and helps you determine which type of content is more suitable for your target audience.


Email marketing is no longer the obnoxious tool people hated in the past. As long as you remove the commercial-selling side of it and turn into a much more human approach people will deliver. You just need to be patient and most importantly, know what it is that your potential visitors/buyers want to hear, and give them that.

If not sure on how to proceed, or not knowing how to get to know your audience, then don't be afraid of reaching out for the right professional guidance and click here so you can start improving your strategies right away.