DYSC CMS, Financial, Web Design
Payroll.co.uk homepage on laptop and phone
Bespoke web design

Optimised for all devices and super speedy due to our DYSC CMS Platform

Payroll.co.uk website design on mobile
Mobile friendly Financial Website

We built both the pages and contact forms to be easy to use and responsive

The Request

We were asked to build a fresh looking colorful website that is easy to use. It had to include a contact form as well as a blog and high-quality content.

The Solution

After demoing our DYSC CMS system to the client they were impressed and shocked at how our website building application performed vs other content management systems. 

We agreed on a concept design and started building the theme into DYSC CMS. Using our system meant that payroll.co.uk could add their own content and the final result would be the same as if we hand-built the pages our self's.

Our content management system has customisable contact forms out of the box so within about 5 minutes we were able to add the required questions and set up the system to email the relevant people at payroll.co.uk

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