Business Website & Back-end System Creation
Online will making service

Website and Customer processing system

Zenwills is an online will making service that offers competitive pricing for the creation and future amending of legally binding wills. The company was commenced in 2018 and targets to become a staple online resource of a quick, cost-effective and convenient solution for anyone to create a will online or arrange for professional support. The website was the businesses ability to be discovered online and also the opportunity to automatically process people's requests for creating a will.

The Challenge

Zenwills were looking to make a large initial statement for their business delving into online will creating, which required a bespoke website design and backend system for customer processing but also autonomous creation of standardised wills for customers to receive. Zenwill's had a detailed and thorough design for both aspects that revolved around their new company branding and values.

The Solution

Our developers intricately pieced together Zenwill's website design taking into account various complications from usability on mobile and desktop to create a seamless customer experience. The back-end system required complex text adjustments to auto-generated pdf legal documentation.