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Should I Continue My SEO If I am Ranking Number 1

If you have a website that has reached the highest ranking on both Google and Bing search result rankings, it’s natural to think that all the hard work has passed and now you can reduce your SEO efforts to zero and concentrate on other business areas.

It makes sense, your online positioning is so strong that you’ve beaten your competitors in the online world, which is a major deal. You have no complaints about your current organic search traffic so stop doing SEO can be something you’re considering.

If, on the other hand, your current web search rankings are very poor, you may consider hiring a team of SEO specialists who can take your website to the first rank in web search results and then, once you conquer the highest place, you just cancel the service, no problem with that.

Both scenarios present a common issue for many businesses - regardless of whether they rank first or not - and is the misconception of seeing SEO as an optional strategy or as something that can be discontinued after the initial goal is reached.

If you’re not sure about keeping an SEO strategy, even though your web search result rankings are more than good, there are some strong aspects that can help you make a wise decision.

You May Discontinue An SEO Service, But Your Competitors Won’t

Just imagine a scenario where your business competitors find out that your website, who’s on the peak of web search results, decides to stop their SEO campaigns. They will continue improving and staying competitive and relevant and they’ll be implementing the same strategy that once worked for you. 

It’s just a matter of time until one of your competitors finds a good SEO strategy that kicks in and takes the first ranks from you.

A big part of SEO involves content creation, mainly because Google and other web search engines praise new and high-quality content. Every SEO campaign aims to take over the competition. Guess who’s going to be taking over your online positioning if you refuse to maintain a steady SEO campaign?

Google’s Algorithms Never Stop Changing

Google is always very reserved about the way in which their search engine works, especially about the way in which they decide the websites that will rank first. SEO practices are not similar to an exact science, instead, SEO is based on developer’s decisions about things that may work in order to make websites rank first.

Every now and then Google updates their algorithm which causes big changes in the way search ranking works. This means that the team doing the SEO must re-evaluate their findings and keep working according to Google’s new changes. A good example was a few years ago when Google decided to move its algorithm in favour of mobile searches.

This means that right now your website may be enjoying high search result rankings, but what if Google implements another change and you already cancelled any further SEO projects? All websites that wish to have a steady, good online positioning must understand that SEO needs to be kept optimised constantly.

Fun Fact: Google uses more than 200 ranking factors. If you stop SEO can you assure that you have them all controlled and optimised so you can keep ranking first?

SEO Keeps You Ahead Of The Game

Once you start an SEO project, many questions arise. Why are your competitors getting more and better traffic than yours? How can you improve User Experience? What are your competitors doing that you’re not? Is there an aspect that needs optimisation? How mobile-friendly is my website?

Well, a good SEO team will be working to get you the answers to those questions, so you can concentrate on other areas of your business. SEO will keep your webpage updated and relevant to the eyes of Google and your customers. Imagine dealing with all of this, without the excellent guidance of a fantastic SEO team?

You’re Risking To Lose Traffic

It’s very important that website owners understand that a good SEO project doesn’t take effect right away. Your website may be enjoying higher rankings now, but if you don’t have an active SEO strategy, your ranking will eventually plummet.

All the numbers will start to decrease eventually: web traffic, conversion and bounce rates. All of this will ultimately affect the website’s profitability. If you abandon your SEO efforts, you may stay competitive for a while, but your company will not grow at all, at least on its online side of the business.

It’s important that companies don’t abandon their SEO or the SEO-related marketing strategies that worked for them in the first place. SEO is not a short-term strategy, it’s a long-term one. Everything you have created to put your website in the first search rankings will be gone if you stop SEO. 

SEO Takes Care Of Link Profiles And Domain Scores

A domain authority or score is a special metric created by MOZ that measures the number of backlinks pointing to your site. Those links help Google determine how relevant and trustworthy your website is. Link Building is one of Google’s most important ranking factors.

This tool is vital to measure link building in your competitors and based on that data, create improving SEO and marketing strategies. FYI: If your domain authority never reaches 100 - it’s measured on a scale from 1 to 100 - it’s ok, the tool is meant for you to compare your website with your competitors, not with the entire internet e-commerce community.

Finally, without SEO your link profiles will lack management ergo will become obsolete after a while and it will crush your domain authority score.

SEO is definitely a great endeavor, that takes time and consistency and it fluctuates so much that you can risk just hoping that your high rankings will last forever. If you have any doubts about whether to continue your SEO projects or not, click here to let an SEO specialist guides you.