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The Benefits of Data Driven Decisions

Business development decisions based on data provide a more accurate vision of things and comes as the perfect alternative to the usual ways to conduct any business development process.

In order to stay active and competitive in the market, many companies utilise different strategies for business development. Some are based on observation, some can be very intuitive but the bottom line is that it is a never-ending search for THE strategy that will put the brand above its competitors.

The problem with the different approaches to making a business more successful is that they are not 100% reliable and you don't want to base your company's efforts and guidelines based on what can only be considered as opinions, you need something more solid that generates results due to its accuracy.

On the other hand, data does provide a solid source of knowledge which is not based on “going with your instinct”  or “trusting your gut”. The sharpest intuition can not compete with the level of accuracy provided by hard data. 

You may trust your instincts, but you can rely completely on data. The reason behind this is because no matter how intuitive you can be, there´s also the human error factor. Data for business development is the best tool to gain advantage and make potential customers knock on your door instead of your competitor´s. Let's explore the benefits of data when applied for business development.....

Benefits of DDD (Data Driven Decisions)

The best way to use data is implementing it through the right business intelligence tools. They simplify the way in which data is gathered and give real insight into your business needs and how to approach a particular market. So the secret relies on using business intelligence tools, and the first benefit is related to one of the most important parts of your business: user/customer experience. 

Data improves UX (User Experience)

Data will give you a real take on your potential customer habits - related to your industry -  so you can dedicate some of your efforts to improve your customer service endeavors, therefore building loyalty. This pays in the long run, but it provides credibility and customers know it. So they´ll be more likely to recommend your brand to others.


One of the main purposes of data driven decisions for business development is to generate revenue by giving you a deeper insight into trends and what your customer needs. This is priceless when it comes to planning your business marketing strategies, thus resulting in more revenue in the long run.

Everyone is on the same page

By having data available to everyone involved with the company, there will be more seamless teamwork and cooperation will be a constant. Having this good working environment contributes to having a successful business.

Analyse data to improve:

Having access to data may work as a tool to detect when something´s not working as analysing data provides valuable input. New opportunities will be more visible and your team will be ready to seize them.

Data gives you an edge on your way to do business:

The knowledge that data provides will help you to stay ahead not just of your customer needs but also it will give you a clear understanding of what to improve so you stand aside from your competitors, by truly knowing what direction to take, based on want and need.

How can I make the path of my company more data-oriented?

Now that you´re aware of the benefits of data driven decision when conducting a business development strategy, you may be wondering what can you do to your brand in order to make it more data-driven.

It goes way beyond just collecting tons of data, you need to make that data useful for your business operation before your competitors do. Again, you need the right tools and the right strategy.

If you're not sure of what it takes to become a data driven organisation, you can follow these recommendations: 

First, a strategy featuring data as the main ingredient:

Sort out all data you gathered and see what is useful and what can be disposed of. There's no point in gathering data that is irrelevant to your business needs. If you manage this, analysing the data will generate more positive results.

Second, proper use of data

Business Intelligence tools are more than just a trend, it is the highway in which all data can flow to a positive outcome. They use graphics for you to understand such data more effectively. If you´re hesitating on this particular topic, you can seek professional guidance so you can get the right advice.

Finally, use the results to make your decisions!

There's no point in gathering data, getting business intelligence tools if you´re not implementing them. Keep in mind the different areas within your company and the different tools they use to avoid miscommunication and inaccuracies when transmitting data over to another department. Make sure that all your employees involved with data are aware of this.

By integrating all the systems and areas of your organisation you´ll see how data flow streamlines the whole process.

Data driven decision is vital for successful business development, you just need to know how to gather data and have it implemented properly so it returns with profitability. Click here to clear all doubts regarding this topic and to get the right professional help that your business needs.

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