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User-Generated Content Advice for 2019

Is your website running short on new and original content ideas? Many websites have started to overcome this issue by implementing UGC (User-Generated Content) practices. In fact, user-generated content has been a big trend that’s becoming more and more popular and it does provide good results when used adequately.

If a website manages to make the best out of UGC they’ll be getting access to a strong source of relevant high-quality content that grows by the minute. The ways in which user-generated content work, changes depending on the industry, but there are some general guidelines that anyone can implement.

Encourage your customers to share their experience

Reviews and testimonials from customers can make your brand reach a broader audience. People from different locations can relate to your customer stories.

Social media and smartphones make customer stories easy to create, so make sure to deliver a great service or product so your customers happily share their experience in social media.

Strive to reach more authenticity

If you want your audience to generate content for your website and you want to use that for marketing purposes,it is important to reach them authentically to achieve a natural engagement.

Social media is a great tool to produce user-generated content but most of the times it lacks authenticity, so if you want to reach your audience and emotionally connect with them, you need to make extra efforts.

Find a way to interact with your audience first, it’s the best way to guarantee that they will interact back with your site.

Make sure that you like their comments and answer them individually. See if your clients have made any type of content related to your brand and if so, encourage them to make more. This is what big companies are doing right now, they’re liking and commenting on everything their customers say. Customers feel appreciated hence start producing content and boosting your reputation.

All marketing efforts should be made thinking about that authenticity. You want visitors and customers to connect with your brand, to start bonding and trusting your products. If you manage to build this loyalty appropriately you can have User-generated content without asking for it.

Reward your contributors

At some point, you’ll realise that you cannot just incentivise through the authenticity we mentioned before. At some point maybe you can start announcing rewards they’ll receive if they generate content for the brand.

Things like featuring top comments from fans about your latest products or services will be favourable for future contributions. Giveaway contests or hashtag competitions is a gold mine to get user-generated content.

New Hashtags

This requires creating a new and original hashtag that can be remembered easily. Once you find one, encourage web visitors to use it, that way you can track any content being made by users.

Create hashtags that circle around business-related events or workshops. The whole point of the hashtag is the ability to track down what your customers are saying about the brand and of course, engaging them so they keep posting and expanding your reputation. 

Provide early access to loyal customers

If you have a new product and you are about to release it, it may be a good idea to build some expectation around it. Social media is a great helper there. After that, you can reward your top website enthusiasts and give them an exclusive sneak peek.

This is a great opportunity to get positive feedback about your product and can even generate customer stories that are highly beneficial for marketing.

This is something that big and small companies can do if they find the right way to play with the strategy and their business requirements.

Event planner skills

This works better if your website is aiming to reach a local audience. You can create online - or offline - events and that can take the brand’s recognition to a whole new level.

For local audiences, local trade shows may be an option. If your approach is more global than you can rely on interactive webinars to get results. These actions will promote your brand even more because you are basically throwing a party in which customers feel appreciated, engaged and highly likely to become loyal with your brand.

There are many ways in which you can create situations that lead to creating user-generated content. Being authentic with your customers can get your brand to a place where you can take advantage of the way in which your customers see your brand.  

Choose the right social networks that your targeted audience may use, see in what other platforms your followers can have more influence.

Having a good reputation is vital for your business and modern technology makes customers more willing to share the positive experience they had with your company. If you manage to make good interactions with your visitors, the chances of them making a purchase will be higher, remember the whole point is to make a positive marketing campaign out of this.

Important social media platforms, seem like they were built to produce user-generated content because people have the chance to quickly see products in action and react to them, this is the best visual connection companies can have with customers.

If you believe that your business can take advantage of user-generated content, but you’re not sure on how to conduct this, let a team of experts advise you on how to it. Your company will get the best of a trend that is leading the way in which a website conducts its marketing strategies.

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