Responsive Web Design

Mobile friendly websites

What is a Responsive Website?

People go on about having ‘responsive web design’ or having a ‘responsive website’, but what does it actually mean? In simple terms it means that the website is able to ‘respond’ to different devices, by changing the layout to ensure the best user-experience for the mobile website visitors.

To begin with, as the screen decreases in size, the text changes layout so that your site visitors can read all the important information about the company. This, it will do, by displaying it in a single column, easy-to-read format.

As well as the font adapting, images will also automatically adjust depending on the size of the device screen. With responsive web designs, navigation also becomes much easier, with buttons increasing in size, to allow fingers and thumbs to be accurate.

Why is it important?

Firstly, search engines really like mobile friendly websites. Infact, Google would like you to make your website mobile compatible so much,that it actually prioritises websites which are, so, this makes it great newsfor SEO! 

Secondly, it is important to think about how many peopleactually have mobile devices and smartphones, and use them on a daily basis.Considering that smartphones account for around 80% of internet use, based uponthis reason alone, it would be a good idea to make websites mobile friendly!

Something else which you may not have considered, is just howdistinctive mobile behaviour is. Believe it or not, people who use theirmobiles to do their product browsing actually go on to buy more. What is moreinteresting, is that tablet users even spend the most of any device user, so ifyour website is not mobile-device responsive, you really are restricting yourreach to potential customers.

Last but not least, the way having a mobile-friendly websitelooks. Whether we like it or not, potential customers like to see a modern,up-to-date website. Think about it, when we meet people and introduce ourbrand, it looks so much better when people whip out their phone to take a lookat your site, to be greeted by a fantastic, easy-to-read website. Help yourbusiness stay current and give your customers a great impression of yourbusiness.