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What Are SEO Backlinks?

They’re known as inbound or incoming links and are one of the main stars in the SEO universe. They can be responsible for your website’s online success and you can also learn a lot from watching your competitors backlinks and get some for your own website.

Despite its importance, many bloggers or companies whose websites are only just starting have many problems understanding the nature of backlinks and its correct implementation. Backlinks are created when a website links to another external website.

Why Are They So Important?

They have a strong value in SEO mainly because they work as a recommendation letter or a “vote of confidence” from a website to another one.

Backlinks signal to web search engines that there are other websites vouching for the content your website displays. If several websites link to the same page, the web search engine logic sees that particular website’s content as relevant. 

As a consequence, the website will be ranked among the first search results or at least it will be ranked higher, compared to a website with no backlinks at all.

How Can My Website Earn/Give Backlinks

If a website wants to earn backlinks they should have their SEO staff to work on off-site SEO. Off-site SEO is about SEO action plans that are conducted outside your own website in order to have a positive impact on your web search result rankings.

Of course that not all backlinks are relevant or useful. The one that carries more value are the backlinks that come from popular sites, with high-authority in the industry or field in which your website runs. Now, getting web users to click on the backlink is the goal, but even if some of them don’t, you can still take advantage of them. Just the fact that a renowned website with high relevance in your market, backlinks to your website, can definitely boost your online presence and web search result rankings.

If your website is the one linking to an external site, make sure that your SEO crew follows good practices, like wisely choose to either follow or unfollow, the anchor text that is used and paying attention to other associated meta tags. Reviewing all of these factors can have a strong impact on the added value you’re giving to the other website.

How To Do A Proper Backlink Research 

Making a successful SEO backlink campaign can be very time-consuming. Those starting a new website for a business may have a very hard time knowing how to start a backlink effort.

You need to make sure that the person or team making your SEO campaigns do good research. This may require investigating your competitor’s websites to see their lists of domains and pages linking to it, in order to get valuable insight into their backlink strategies.

If your business is just starting or if you wish to do an SEO makeover that includes an off-site SEO, make sure that you have the perfect crew to do it the right way. Your online positioning is important and needs to be ahead of your industry’s game.

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