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What Is Keyword Research?

In SEO, keyword research is a core process that consists of identifying the possible phrases and words that people use when they interact with a web search engine. Right now Google is the most popular web search engine, so the majority of SEO efforts have Google as a reference point.

SEO tries to figure out those keywords in order to make websites more relevant so they rank higher when the web search engine displays the results for a particular query.

Finding out those keywords helps marketers know which words are in demand so they can stay competitive. The goal is to rank first in the organic search results and SEO provides the tools that can determine the online success of a website.

Now, keyword research is more than just an SEO tool to know how many times people use a particular word on Google, it's also about finding the multiple ways in which people can use their language to look up a topic or an idea.

As you can see, even though keyword research is a core SEO task, it’s closely related to a website’s whole marketing campaign. Proper keyword research will bring light on what customers need and want.

It can provide an idea on how to improve your website’s content and finally, it will keep everyone updated about new lingo and modern ways to use language to do an internet search.

Bottom line, good keyword research will give you the possibility of boosting a website’s traffic, and traffic means conversion and a good conversion rate is what all websites want.

How Does Keyword Research Work

In SEO, all keyword research task begins with a “seed”. This “seed” can be a topic, a particular idea or the main keyword. These “seeds” often come from your particular knowledge on the industry in which your website is based, or it could come as a result of the services and/or products your company provides. It’s very important that the person who deals with your SEO has a designated place to write all of these terms down. 

After all the keyword research in websites and social media, many variations of keywords will be discovered so there must be a place, like a notepad or a spreadsheet, where you can place them all, so you can choose how to use them in the future.

The new surge of voice search in web users is slowly starting to turn keywords into long-tail keywords, so as you can see, the world of keyword research keeps changing and turning the path for a good SEO practice.

At this point, you should have a document containing a list of industry-related keywords, so the next step is to determine how popular is each term and level of difficulty they have in order to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs). This is when you need to start looking for online keyword research tools or a specialised SEO team to do it for you.

Keep in mind that doing your own SEO may sound like the cheapest solution but it definitely requires time and hard work, plus a steep learning curve. All of this can drive you away from your main objective which is to keep your business competitive and growing.

If you decide to go solo on this task, we recommend Google Keyword Planner which is free. There are other providers like SEMRUSH which is not free but it has a good reputation. Remember that these tools will let you know how popular a keyword is and how hard it can be to rank higher.

How Many Times Should I Do Keyword Research?

Keyword research is not a stand-alone task, it makes part of your website’s core. In fact, your whole website is made of keywords, so naturally, this requires a regular assessment and maintenance.

The way people use their language to look for things on the internet changes constantly and new keywords and phrases are created every day, plus new customer needs contribute to a rather constant keyword changing.

That being said, it’s recommended that every time you’re about to create new content for your website you do keyword research. If you’re creating a new website or blog, do keyword research. If your company is about to launch a new product or service, do keyword research.

Remember that all the content you create must be aimed to your customer’s needs. If you have a good knowledge of SEO and you know all the possible ways web users implement language to do their internet searches, you can be sure you’ll have a solid online audience.

Remember that we’re here to answer all your possible SEO doubts and inquiries and help you decide the best SEO project to enhance your online positioning.