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Why Blogging is the Best b2b Marketing Strategy

Let's start with the basics, so B2B is a marketing strategy that involves the exchange of products, services or data between businesses (b2b = Business to Business), instead of the usual “Business To Consumer” (B2C) type of strategy. Now, with that being said we can not stress enough on the importance of knowing that this type of disposition differs in many ways from the traditional B2C. This one here is a no-brainer, you know that the same approach you have with your customers and potential buyers is not supposed to be similar to the one you use with other business owners. 

There are, however, some familiar places for both strategies and Blogging is one of them as it is useful for both B2B and B2C marketing and actually some sectors consider Blogging to be way more effective with B2B endeavors. We believe that Blogging is a substantial marketing method and without Blogs, B2B and B2C would be almost impossible to conduct successfully, and here's why: 

Lead Generator:

Not only generates but improves any lead or potential lead. We all know that this is SEO´s golden era, it is hands down the cornerstone of all successful online presence. So naturally having SEO relevant content updated regularly on all your blogging efforts is a must. It goes far beyond just optimising content, but the critical element is to have fluctuating content that is continuously introducing new & fresh SEO content. A blog will allow focussing on the good use of relevant keywords that are engaging and entertaining to all visitors.

Empowers your brand's industry reputation:

Having a trustworthy reputation and loyal customers will always help to gain “respect” among other brands in your industry. The best way to stand aside from the rest of your competitors by getting your Brand´s name out there is through Blogging. Create your Brand´s persona through blogging and show the entire community that you have the knowledge and skills to deliver your products and services better than anybody else in the field. 

Different distribution channels available:

Blogs are the initial stage of Marketing strategy, and such method can go very far and reach out to many customers globally. By posting a Blog on your website and having it shared through other platforms, like Social Media, Email and many more, pick the right one (s) and start spreading your message to literally the whole online universe.

Creates much stronger bonds:

Blogging is a two-way street actually. It is not something you can just use to spread your SEO & marketing efforts it can also be a way to communicate with others too. Comments sections are useful to gain opinions, feedback and overall it makes visitors feel like they're connected somehow with your brand. You can take info from comments for future blogs or answer inquiries from visitors, it all adds up to creating loyalty and trustworthiness with visitors.

Blogging calls blogging: 

Blogging is the starting point for creating more content; you can rearrange the purpose of your SEO content strategy, so it fits different Social Media context. A regular blog (between five hundred and a thousand words) can be turned into a video or infographic piece, and it can contain an invitation to download free content or subscriptions, the options are almost endless there.


Blogging is by far the best tool to conduct a successful marketing strategy regardless of the type of business you have. It promotes your brand and takes it to a higher place than your competitors if it's conducted correctly. Promote your brand wisely through Blogging, and you´ll see the results almost immediately.