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Why reviews are important for your business online presence

Any website owner of any industry can tell you that Online Reviews mean a lot, and they should, because it’s like your brand is going through a test. You´re putting your brand´s fate and reputation in the hands of your customers, which can have so many different results that it is natural to have a bit of uncertainty, almost anxiety about the whole website´s review. Maybe it has to do with the fact that a review is something that is beyond your control, plus you have to face criticism that can be scary not just on this business context.

It is safe to say that reviews do help other customers to get a truthful insight of how reliable, dependable, trustworthy and efficient a brand can be, but it also helps SEO practice, as search engines do have a preference for listings that contain user reviews. As an additional note, search engines can not distinguish if the review is good or bad, but evidently, it would be better if they´re all positive.

It is a fact that people tend to look for reviews or testimonials before actually purchasing a product or service, so if the review is “excellent”, it can definitely boost potential customers intention to buy something. Having visibility on the web gives a whole new meaning to provide a positive impact on each and every one of your customers. Positive reviews generate income.

If you, as a website business owner, want to conduct this process successfully, the key element here is to have a real method of handling customers review. Try not to delete bad or negative reviews, but not just because it isn't an honourable thing to do, but because it can be pretty evident to visitors what the brand is doing. So a whole bunch of excellent, 5-star reviews may seem somewhat fake. 

This means that if you open up for scrutiny through user reviews, you have to take the whole package, the good and the bad. Moreover, you have to understand its importance. You can try asking your customers directly, in person or via email after they purchase an item if they are willing to leave a review based on their user experience and see how likely they are to do business again with you and also their willingness to recommend your brand with their acquaintances. 

Things start to complicate when the bad or negative reviews arise, so you need to be ahead of every aspect of your business, that way you won't see a high number of negative comments. Now, it is true that there will always be someone who's not happy with the product or services provided, but staying on top of your game will avoid too many negative comments from users.

Failing to address negative comment or remarks, may be a potential drawback on the customer´s will to do business with you. Try to have all of your business´s bases well covered before you even start thinking about asking for reviews.

A good idea is addressing those negative remarks, maybe providing a comment-response in which it is explained what went wrong from your end, this would impact visitors who love to hear two sides of a story. Keep everything professional is more than obvious and don´t be afraid to apologise if needed. Apologising can be seen as a real recognition of an honest mistake and can generate respect for your brand.



Bottom line, online reviews are essential to any market strategy and also be an excellent way to get to know your audience, visitors and potential buyers. If you feel that your company lacks on providing a good space for customers to address their concern, or to express themselves freely, then click here to get the right professional guidance.

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