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The chances are that if you´re involved somehow with Website Design, you have heard of WordPress, meaning that you´ve done your research on it. Perhaps you overheard someone talking about why use WordPress and how it is still a beneficial tool to website design in 2018.

Having that knowledge, however, does not mean that you are confident about going for it, or that you've checked in-depth all the pros and drawbacks of its features. Hence, we´re breaking down the basics of WordPress so you can wage its benefits and see how they fit with you and your website design interests. Next, a few pointers on WordPress, its perks and why it's today´s best content management system solution for all that is related to website design.

It's free!

The best reason for something that actually represents a benefit, is that it doesn't have a price tag on it, but sometimes free or “cheap” are not precisely synonyms for reliable and trustworthy, right? Well, WordPress is definitely not the case, this open-source project that started 15 years ago, is made of contributors which means they are entirely free of charge, so there´s no fee or anything like it. 

However, even though they are free to use, both WordPress.com and WordPress.org have plugins that are not. Most of the themes and plugins are free, but they have premium Plugins that are paid, and sadly, they do offer a little bit better regarding features and online support. Overall, you can definitely lower your website design costs by using WordPress, regardless if you are a business owner or an agency.

As an additional note, make sure that you check WordPress.org which is more suitable for a more advanced project that has profitability as a goal. 

Adaptability to any type of business/website

A common mistake is to see WordPress as a tool designed just for bloggers. This misconception is generated because back in the day it was just a tool for bloggers, but it's recent releases have proven that they are well beyond just a blogger´s tool. 

WordPress will allow you or your agency to create fantastic, eye-catcher websites for e-commerce purposes and of course, it's suited to include blogs if you want to make them part of your website design process. In fact, WordPress can fit almost any type of business, to name a few: Portfolios, eCommerce Sites, Membership Sites, Forums, eLearning Sites and a whole lot more, you just need to walk WordPress through.

Such diversity constitutes one of the most appealing features WordPress has, and the best part is that it allows website/business owners to do the content update by themselves, regardless of the format. Now, be careful because it does require going through a learning curve for this tool to be an actual aid. If you don't have the time to dedicate into learning it in-depth, you'll wind up with a website that may look amateur or not sufficiently professional to the eyes of your existing clients, competitors and potential buyers. 

The whole thing can turn into a frustrating, time-consuming experience that leads nowhere. Keep in mind that the usefulness of this fantastic tool can be measured only based on how well you handle it, so don't be afraid to get in touch with the right people that can walk you through achieving the vision of your website into a real thing. 

User-Friendly with lots of Contributors

Being open-source means that anyone can take advantage of it, so there are no barriers that will limit its use, not even pricing. In the long run, you end up learning a thing or two of course, but you can definitely play around and get the idea after ten minutes of working the software. 

Having no impediments to access knowledge have turned other users into the best online support. Plus they have created forums, online courses, webinars and what not, and in addition to it, you have the actual WordPress support which provides more trustworthiness to the whole thing.

Hackers can take advantage of this open-source feature so you must be very careful with this. Get it done properly so the whole experience doesn't turn into a nightmare. 

The overall feeling? Go for it!

It's no wonder why WordPress has become so overwhelmingly popular globally, its the best website design tool that does not come with coding language barriers or not so friendly environments. But you should never forget that the nature of WordPress comes from the concept of Template, meaning that even though you can get your website up and running, you need to imprint that something that generates revenue, be unique.  

Most importantly,  you want it to engage with its visitors, so if you´re going with WordPress with the aim of making revenue, then you should seek guidance 

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