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RDN Global Website
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RDN Global are a London based company who specialise in management of international summits, conferences and private meetings. They organise meetings between representatives from governments and industry professionals.

We created separate sites for the various Latin American summits which have taken place, organised by RDN Global.

The client requested that the sites were up to date and that each included a registration form to enable attendees to register their details.

The forms were created to link to Stripe (a payment provider), allowing guests to easily purchase their tickets to events via the website.

The website was built using the DNN Content Management System and a customised responsive theme 

RDN Global Website
The Challenge

RDN Global was a startup and the director involved with the website development knew exactly what he wanted. With this project we where given exact specifications for design, fonts and general look of the site.

The Solution

Although we listen to our clients as much as we can, we tried creating a design to cater for a more modern upcoming economy however i think this was a little to bold for the market. The person at RDN Global however knows exactly what he wants and what his clients wanted so we changed it. We came up with the design which fitted RDN Globals designs and ideas.